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Different ways to how a user can buy Bitcoins


 The way as to how a user can buy Bitcoins is through mining. By Bitcoin mining, it means that new Bitcoins are created and every Bitcoin user knows how and where to buy Bitcoins are familiar with this method, though it does not necessarily follow that they are Bitcoin miners. In order to earn one from mining, a user needs to solve a very difficult mathematical problem before he can be rewarded with a Bitcoin.


One can also deal with local Bitcoin sellers. Anyone who wishes to learn as to how and where to buy Bitcoins can consult their local Bitcoin directory. The directory provides a list of agencies that sell Bitcoins. These agencies can be paid in the form of cash, wire transfer, Skrill, and other modes of payment.


There is also an option where these agencies can escrow Bitcoins. By escrow, it means that the agency holds the buyer’s coins in escrow until the transaction or the transfer of funds is completed. The advantage of buying Bitcoins in local Bitcoin centres is the lack of fees and the amount can vary from each Bitcoin user, thus, if you are interested to buy from local Bitcoin sellers, it is wise to ask around for the rates of each Bitcoin seller or trader.


You can also get them through gift cards. If you want to learn how and where to buy Bitcoins, you can do so by purchasing Bitcoins with the use of your credit cards. The buyer needs to present an identification card so as to prove that the transaction is legal. The processing can be finished within a few hours. The cards that are in major circulation are accepted like VISA and Mastercard.


 Moneygram can also be used. A Bitcoin wallet holder can buy Bitcoins through Moneygram or Western Union payment. To find out how and where to buy Bitcoins, check the local Bitcoin directory and a Bitcoin user can send his payment via Moneygram or Western Union.


You can also accept Bitcoins as payment for goods and/or services. This is another way on how and where to buy Bitcoin. If you are a businessman, you can add the Bitcoin paying option to your customers. You can earn Bitcoins by accepting it as a form of payment.